Keeping Score

What Do You Earn Again?

An important book in some ways, frustrating in others, Christakis and Fowler’s Connected: the amazing power of social networks and how they shape our lives, makes the strong claim that our connections “have an astonishing power to influence everything from what we eat to who we sleep with”. When it came out last year it […]

Saving Face

Shrinking Violets

Shyness is quite a common form of social anxiety, a complex combination of the fear of others and dramaturgical stress. In fact It’s much more common that given credit for – for example some studies suggest that about half of Americans consider themselves shy (with nearly as many saying they experience shyness in certain situations). […]

Knowing Your Place

God Knows What I Am

The title is taken from a scene out of Saturday night and Sunday morning, a 1960 British movie directed by Karel Reisz and adapted from Alan Sillitoe’s novel of the same name. The most famous line out of this scene is ‘Whatever people say I am, that’s what I am not’, popularised by the band […]