Knowing Your Place

Losing Yourself

The death of identity has been announced in so many corners of academic life that it seems miraculous anyone has the courage to defend such a concept. But this is what Stephen Frosh and Lisa Baraitser did a few years ago. Their paper ‘Goodbye to identity?’ (published in Identity in question, ed. Anthony Elliott and […]

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The Invisible Man, Part 3

The nature of social invisibility, a topic often ignored in intellectual circles, is starting to achieve some level of visibility for itself in the halls of academe. Much of this is a result of Axel Honneth’s pioneering work, an influence to the fore in a recent special edition of Distinktion: the Scandinavian Journal of Social […]


The Resistance to Recognition

  Axel Honneth, a key influence on Dirty Looks, has had a mixed reception in academic and intellectual circles. His position as Head of the Institute for Social Research (still known to some as the Frankfurt School), guarantees him some prestige and authority, but still many aren’t comfortable with his core ideas – specifically his […]